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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Batman Shimmy

Hello everyone.
We have been having a lot of fun with the Batman Shimmy in music this term.  It's a little song  from ABC  The Sing Book 2009.  Here are the words

Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy, shimmy WOW!

Biff! Bop! Bang! Pow!

Batman said 'Robins dead

Who's gonna hep me now!'

We've been singing it as a group, in a round and also putting our own actions to it.  This week in Year 3 we've worked with percussion instruments.  We decided which instrument would best fit with which words and then created some graphic notation to help us remember what we played.  Here is an example:

It doesn't look like much, but each small shape represents a different instrument!  Can you guess what instrument we play and when?  Here's some clues, below are the instruments we used.

Image result for shakers instrumentsImage result for shakers instruments

Graphic notation is a great way to remember a song.  If you want to have a go at writing a song, you don't have to know how to write music.  Create your own pictures that represent the notes.  You can also use graphic notation when you are making up a dance to help you remember your moves!!

Finally a special WELL DONE to Rooms 27 and 35 for their great assembly.  Room 27 told us all about connections. and performed an awesome rap.  Room 35 taught us all about how bees and butterflies pollinate flowers and performed poems they wrote about Whanaungatanga.  Awesome work!

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