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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Let's Get Singing!

Hi Everyone.
We have had such a great time in music this term already.  With Year 5 and 6 singing time being an awesome time to sing and share music together!  Singing with others is a great way to strengthen friendships and ourselves.  So I wanted to remind everyone that they can come and join the Senior Choir or the Junior Choir and sing some more!
Senior Choir is on Wednesdays at 1pm in the music room, it is for anyone Year 3 and up.  We are working on two great songs at the moment, that for now are going to be a surprise!  All you need to do is come along and join in.  (If you are in Enviro it's ok if you come every second week!).  If you are already part of the Senior Choir why not ask two more people along for this Wednesday coming up!
Junior Choir is on Fridays at 1pm in Room 3.  We are learning one of the same songs as the senior choir plus our own songs.  Its a fun way to spend some of lunch time and hopefully we will be performing at the end of the term.  If you want to be part of junior choir then come along and if you are a member get your friends to come too!!

I'm really looking forward to the first class assembly this week from Room 15 and 16.  Remember to be great audience members, sitting and listening respectfully.  Sing the National Anthem with pride and if you're asked to join in with the songs, sing out proud!

See you all soon!
Mrs. Bickley

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  1. It's awesome that Senior and Junior choirs have started! Please take some photos of you using your musical talents at home and at school and they may be chosen for the website! A great start to the year, Mrs Taylor :-)