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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Festival Choir, Assemblies and More

Wow!  We are getting busy here in the music department this term.  Finally the APPA Festival Choir has been set up and all those who got in, well done!  It's not easy to sing in front of others so you did a great job.  I will be setting up a special page for the Festival Choir with words to the music and other important information in the next few weeks!
The last two class assemblies have been awesome!  I love how the classes has managed to include some of the music we've been doing together in their assemblies.  It's always great to share music with others.
The school are currently in the middle of the great Fitness-A-Thon.   It's been awesome seeing classes out and about the school working on their fitness levels.  Don't forget, music can be a real help with exercising.  Dancing is an excellent form of exercise and fun!  Choose your favourite up beat music and work out a cool dance to go with it.  Do it with your friends and you have a great workout!  Remember to keep moving!  Hey, if you work out a great dance, teach your class too :)
See you all in music this week!
Mrs Bickley

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