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Monday, February 8, 2016

Welcome Everyone!

Hello Everyone!
It is lovely to be back after a great summer!
This year music is going to be full of new experiences for everyone and I'm really looking forward to what we are going to learn and create in our music lessons.
I wanted to just put up a few pieces of information for you all about music in the school!!!

This term the clubs that will be running are...

Senior Choir - Tuesday 1pm - Year 3 - 6 
This year we are going to do some more challenging songs with choreography and harmonies.  Firstly we need to think up an awesome name for our choir (think Glee and Pitch Perfect!)  I am wanting more of a commitment to choir this year so if you want to be part of choir for the whole term/year then come along to our first meeting next week.

Junior Choir - Wednesday 1pm - Year 0, 1 and 2 
We have a great new helper for our junior choir this year and we are going to have lots of fun singing rounds and popular songs.

Ukulele Group - Thursday 1pm -Year 3 - 6 
Miss Brooks will be taking Ukulele Group again this term and I will be coming along to learn along side you and help out.  If you've never been to Ukulele Group come along to the first group and have a go.

I've had lots of Year 5 and Year 6 children asking about being part of the APPA choir.  We will be part of the APPA Music Festival again so keep you ears open for when auditions are.  I will be selecting 35 children.  You do have to audition, which means singing on your own in front of me and the other children auditioning.  It's always hard for me to choose but I usually choose around 20 Year 6 and 15 Year 5 children.

I'll be seeing you all in music over the next week!

Bye for now!
Mrs Bickley

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