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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Chill Out Zone is Open!

So everyone Monday at 1pm the Music Room turns into a chill out zone.  Each week there will be music playing from a range of composers and music genre.  Come in for the whole time or just for a few minutes to chill!
Every week I'll post a link to the music that played so you can come back and listen to your favourites whenever you like!  Just click on the link to the Chill Out Zone label and it'll take you to all those posts!

This week we started listening to Vivaldi - Four Seasons.


Mrs Bickley


  1. Hi Miss Bickley
    I really liked your idea about the chill out zone. I might see you on Monday but what type of songs do you play.
    from cassian

  2. Bula Mrs Bickley,
    I loved the idea of a chill out Zone, on Monday at 1pm.What type of music will you be playing? So far I will totally be seeing you on Monday and I think my friends are going to see you to.
    From Zoe

  3. Konechiwa Mrs Bickley
    I thought that was a great idea.
    Will you be there and what sort of music will be playing?
    I'll see you on Monday.
    Bye, from Cayden.

  4. Mala-e-lelei Mrs Bickley I like when you have a chill out zone I will see you on Monday.
    from Lucyanne

  5. G'day Mrs bickley
    I love your idea of having a chill out zone.
    I will come next Monday
    I was just thinking what sort of music will you be playing

    from Indi

  6. Thanks for all your comments Room 23 - as you can tell from this post the music we play during the Chill Out Zone is mainly classical. It's great to listen to music you may not hear all that much!!!

  7. soon ill go to the chill out zone...