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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Talent Quest Auditions have begun!

Here is the timetable for the talent quest auditions as on Monday morning Week 7!

Good luck everyone, give it your best!  Remember the auditions start at 12.30 and run until 1pm on your given day!  Don't be late!

Music Room Week 7

Week SevenNameRMDescription
Tuesday 14/6Tyler Jenkins38Waltzing Elephant - PIANO
InstrumentsYahan Dwan38Radentsky March - PIANO
Zachary Keddell32Contemporary Song - DRUMS
Ellie26Somewhere Over the Rainbow - UKULELE
George29Solo - DRUMS
Aleona37Jingle Bells - PIANO
Wednesay 15/6Amberly22Dance - GUITAR
InstrumentsAnne21Twinkle twinkle - PIANO
Rebecca Lowe18The Two Grenadiers - VIOLIN
Hamish Fehl22The Bare Necessities - PIANO
Rebecca Hounsell31Wish you were here - GUITAR
Noah and Matteo30, 29SAXOPHONE - CLARINET
Thursday 16/6Ruby Nathan and Louella Williams25Let it go by James Bay
SingingIshani Soni Singh and Kate27Boombox
Sarah and Savannah35Memories
Holly and Olivia35Party in the USA
Rebecca Hounsell31Castle on the Cloud
Amy, Ruby and Jessica32, 29, 31Singing
Annie, Poppy, Hannah, Celia and Sasha35, 23, 34Fireworks
Friday 17/6Anastasia, Katerina33, 34Own song - kiwi kids song rewritten
SingingPress Play - Bethany and Gemma 27I'm better when I'm dancing
Olivia P, Holly T, Rosie W, Rebecca F28APPA Song
Hopeful - Nina, Matilda, Xate, Zoe and Naomi27,26,25Anti-bullying Song
Alex Graney26Stay - Rihanna
History Singers - Jayden, Ryan, Theo 33History - 1 Direction

Hall Week 7

Week 7NamesRoomDescription
Wednesday 15/6Joshua Douglas28Hip Hop Dance
DanceAll Stars - Amy, Sophie, Sophie37Gymnastics to Set Fire to the Rain
Olivia K35Dance to Little Mix
Phoebe and Zoe33Gymnastics to Cake by the Ocean
Trio Girlz - G Beasley, H Bulluvan, U Macready34Dance to Galantis Runaway
Shooting Starts - Lily and Maddy31Dance to it Takes Two
Ameila Botha and Callie McCree37Dance to Rockin' Robin
Thursday 16/6 The Unbeatables - Eli, Sophia, Ruby, Lily, Nick32Dance to Work from Home
DanceMary Meredith and Sophie McIndoe18Hip Hop Dance
Sarah McGeorge32Jazz Dance to mix
Gymnastic Animals - Rhianna Beard and Leila Daniels30
The Shadow of Three33,22Dance Off by Maclamore and Ryan Lewis
Emma, Claudia, Ruby and Lucia30,32Hair by Little Mix
Friday 17/6Fox, Arvin and Sean29Lego Drama Act
DramaThe American High - Lillian Kate, Rameen Ava and Melissa22Comedy act about not liking what the teacher is doing
Livvy, Niko, James, Mican18Scene from Harry Potter
Nathan, Caleb and Ryan22Comedy act about maers with dancing
Michael Evans28Age Dancing - dance moves through the stages of life
Yoga Girls - Thom, Tate, Harry, George and Daniel27, 25Yoga Class comdedy to music
The 4 Crazy Pies - Gemma, Kate, Ishani and Bethany27Silly singing comedy

Music Room Week 8

Week 8NameRoom Description
Monday 20/6Lily W31Beauty and the Beast - PIANO
InstrumentsTania28Sonate - PIANO
Rowan Phillips38Vaders Theme - PIANO
Rosie W28PIANO
Lilly Lang28FLUTE (needs piano accompany)
Olivia C28PIANO
Kyan31Echo from Partita B minor - PIANO
Kelly Zheng25Sonatina n Bb Major - VIOLIN
Isabella 28
Tuesday 21/6Not Quite Young Rondaldo - Jaz and Zan25, 28Comedy
DramaChalpan Detectives - Liberty, Rosa, Victoria27Charlie Chalpn skit
The Clowns - Zach, Liam an dSean34Jokes and comedy
The Laughter - Zoe and Lucy33Comedy Show
Claudia and Zoe30A Play - getting active
Bridie and Harriet27Humerous Acting
3 as 1 - Becca, Madison and Olivia28Comedy with tied shoes
Wednesday 22/6Sharika34Party in the USA
Liberty and Sophia27Send my love (to you're new lover)
Mikayla, Danica22Hello
Matital Team - Charlotte, Ellie, Olivia and Alica26When I grow Up - Matilda song

Hall Week 8

Week 8NamesClassDescription
Monday 20/6Amy Rose / Georgia29Hair by Little Mix
DanceAmy and Ruby32Dance
Flip It - Cate, Tilly, Nina and Alex27,26Remic with hip hop
Salt and Peper - Eve and Lucy27Dance to Naughty
Mojdeh and Astoria30, 32Locked away
Two Meke- Mitch, Harrison26,28,25Dance to a mix
Replay - Oscar, Ruby, Ruby, Jessica30,31Don't let me down
Wednesday 22/6Oscar and Connor35Comedy and entertainment
DramaMini Mes - Eve, Lucy, Olivia and Ellie27, 26Comedy classroom Act
Isabella, Agostina, Summer28Ballet - but different
Alexander, Michal and Jamie33comedy act
Sarah Sell35Cup Song

Please note if you have changed your time with me since Monday morning then it will be different to the one on here!  If you need to change your time you MUST speak to me before your audition day!  Remember to look in the Music Room window for all the instructions!

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