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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

J-Rock Rocked

I know it's been a few weeks since J-Rock happened but I needed to blog something about the amazing work our Year 5 J-Rock team did!

The performance was amazing and all their hard work really paid off.  I think it was great to see everyone support each other and on the day, although really long, went without a hitch!

Here are some photos from backstage and the performance that I know you'll all enjoy looking at!!

Here is our awesome J-Rock team!

In the theatre!

Getting Ready!

Getting ready took a lot of time!

Here are some shots from the show!

And finally, here's a very special photo of your awesome J-Rock teachers...who were a little tired!


  1. Hi miss bickley I thought jay rock was awesome!room 20 from saffron

  2. J
    rock was amazing

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  4. Jrock was AMAZING I would definitely recommend it for others
    From Leila Daniels