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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Year 5 Dance Focus

This term Year 5 have been focusing on Dance.  We have explored how we feel about dance but also have been having a go at some hip hop dancing and watching different types of dance.
We discussed how everyone is connected to dance. Some of us love to dance socially, with our friends or at a school disco. We realised there is no right or wrong when we dance like this, it's just dancing for ourselves and to express who we are.  Even jumping up and down to music is dance!  Some of us belong to a dance studio or dance school.  There is a right and wrong to some of that dance and we know how long it takes to prepare for a performance.  It takes time to learn different steps and to learn a dance.  Then we talked about professional dancers.  The people who dance for a living, as their job.  How hard they work and we wondered what that would be like.
This week we looked at some examples of Ballet and learnt to appreciate how amazing those dancers are and how much work they must put in to become professional dancers.  We all enjoyed watching some modern versions of traditional ballet pieces but also the traditional ones.  Here is a video we watched and talked about.  Aren't those ballerinas amazing!

We talked about how ballet dancers use pointe shoes and that they are actually standing on the tips of their toes.  Here's a link to a ballet dancer talking about her Pointe Shoes and just how important those shoes are to a ballerina.

Finally this week we continued with working on different hip hop moves and we took on the challenge of learning a 'tutting' combo.  Tutting is a sequence of hand movements to music and looks awesome.  Lots of the classes wanted to work more on this so here is the link so you can practise at home!

Awesome work Year 5 we are starting to look great!

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