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Monday, May 1, 2017

Year 3 Soundtracks from Term One

Year 3 had an exciting time last term creating soundtracks in a range of ways.  It was fun to explore the different sounds we could make using the class instruments and electronic sounds.
We created live soundtracks using instruments that best expressed who we were, we wrote poems about those instruments and also recorded the sounds.
Here is a link to one of the recordings, it is Room 21s

We then talked about how we could make a soundtrack for our class.  Each class worked with Mrs Bickley to create their own soundtrack, we didn't listen to anyone else's so our ideas were all our own!  We used GarageBand to edit and create the track.

We used the pre-recorded sounds that were there but also recorded ourselves.  After we were happy with our track, we then created a video matching movement to the soundtracks.  Below are each classes very own soundtrack!  Enjoy!

 Room 17

 Room 18

 Room 19

 Room 20

 Room 21

Hope you have enjoyed these tracks!  I think Year 3 did an amazing job!

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